Mo the store greeter at The Gettin Place

Our Approach

The Gettin Place

The Gettin Place owned by the McCoy Family in Mountain Home ID is your local shop for custom cowboy boots & leather work, bedrolls, horse packing, local artisan creations, & unique gifts.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be there for the needs of our community.  Whether it be leather repair, leather gear, boot/shoe repair, bedrolls, furniture, local artisan work, gifts and more, we are here to serve the residents of Elmore County and beyond!

Our Story

The Gettin Place owned by the McCoy Family in Mountain Home ID.  Primarily ran and managed by Shalai McCoy who oversees the day-to-day functions, ordering and consignment relations. Her husband, Jack, lends his leather skills doing repairs and custom work.  Even though they are currently in college, Jake and Sam, still lend a hand working on the floor and moving heavy objects. The McCoys even put the family dog to work and have Mo greet all the customers.  The McCoys have been in Mountain Home and the surrounding area for many years.  They have a passion serving the community and filling the needs of their friends and neighbors.  Their goals are to help the town and community of Mountain Home grow and prosper!

Where's the G?

Where’s the G in The Gettin Place you ask….well it’s quite a story. You ready? Well, it happened along the trail many moons ago. We were travelin cross country on a hot and dusty day, when we were caught off guard by some bandits. They stopped us and were fixin to take all our stuff. Well, we weren’t gonna stand for that and we fought back, knockin one bandit off the wagon while another bandit was hangin on the G fer dear life. We hit a rock with one wheel and he flew off takin that G with him, so we took his ol’ dog Mo. She is now our official store greeter, stop in some time and meet her. There ya have it, the story of why the G is missin from our name.


Come in and see us!

Meet "Mo" the official store greeter!  She loves dog treats!

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