Frost River

We carry a selection of Frost River products.


We have a large selection of ropes.

Cowboy Gear

We have a large selection of gear for all cowboys.

Chaps and Chinks

We have a large variety of hand made chaps and chinks.



The Gettin Place carries King Rope's and Cowboy Cordage ropes.


We carry an amazing product, Frost River.  It is a waxed canvas product, made with leather and brass hardware.  They have luggage and travel gear, canoe gear, hiking gear, bicycling gear, fishing gear, back packs, totes, brief cases, lap top bags, and so much more!!!


More Gear...

We also carry bits and spurs, stirrups, spur rowels, spur straps, saddle blankets, cinches, horn wraps, latigo, bridles, rope halters, reins, rein chains, breast collars, saddle bags, cantle bags, and much more!