The Gettin Place Idaho carries Frost River waxed canvas shell bags/carry on/accessory bags/backpacks/portfolios/totes
The Gettin Place Idaho carries Schaefer work wear/fenceline canvas/wool vests and coats
The Gettin Place Idaho carries Frank's Boots off shelf and custom
The Gettin Place Idaho assorted and colorful handcrafted locally wild rags/cowboy scarf

Frost River

Waxed canvas luggage, canoe packs, and business bags handmade in Duluth, Minnesota USA and guaranteed for life.

Schaeffer Ranchwear

Most Schaefer Outfitter garments are proudly American made in their U.S. factory, which means they design, engineer, cut, sew and inspect each and every garment featured in the product line. In fact, Schaefer is one of the last full line apparel manufacturers left in this great nation of ours. They not only produce as many American made garments as  they can, but firmly stand behind purchasing American made raw materials right down to thread, snaps and labels.

Frank’s Boot Company

Frank's manufactures handmade boots as well as selling, resoling and repairing other manufacturer’s boots.

Wild Rags

Wild rags made their appearance in the 1800s. They were an essential part of a working man or woman's attire. They were used to keep the sun off your neck, the dust out of your lungs, the sweat from soaking your shirt, and to keep you warm in the bitter cold. Wild rags were and are still used this same way today.