The Gettin Place Idaho carries Donald Hofstetter's books "Inheriting the Missing", "The Windcatcher's Cave" and "Under the Flowers"
The Gettin Place Idaho carries Brian Spaulding's books "El Diablo Con Pistola" and "The Warrior Within"
The Gettin Place Idaho carries Ted Hoffman's book "This is still The West"

Born in Oregon, raised in the ranch country of Idaho, Don loved the wild country of Alaska and Idaho. Author of three books in the Windcatcher series.


  • Brian Spaulding – Author

Brian Spaulding is a fourth generation Idaho cowboy, an avid horseman, and professional pilot having logged over 12,000 hours fighting fire, crop dusting, and flying the wilderness of Idaho. A former Marine, he now lives in Southwest Idaho, here he and his wife raise horses and grandkids.

  • Ted Hoffman – Author

Ted Hoffman grew up in rural Northern Pennsylvania. He graduated from the US military academy at West Point in 1971 and served 5 years active duty in the US army. He graduated from the college of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University in 1983 and practiced in Mtn Home, Idaho until he retired. More importantly he received a fine education by growing up the son of greatest generation parents, riding horses, working on farms and ranches, logging with horses, playing in a country band for several years, and hunting and fishing to excess whenever remotely possible. He lives on his ranch with his children and grandchildren in Idaho.