The Gettin Place Idaho carries photographer Jerry Kencke's blank note cards
The Gettin Place carries "Cowgirl Selfies" water color blank note cards by Peggy Englehardt
The Gettin Place Idaho carries The Messyish Masterpiece Idaho prints/note cards/decals
The Gettin Place carries hand forged spurs
The Gettin Place Idaho horse shoe yard art

The Gettin' Place is proud to feature art from local artists like:


  • Peggy Ingelhardt – Watercolor Originals

Peggy Larsen Engelhardt began creating art at age 3.In her imaginative mind, her scribbles
were perfect representations of birds, cats and flowers. Others’ opinions may have differed.
Nonetheless she charged forward drawing on any scrap of paper or doll’s face she could find.
Her genre hasn’t changed much since then but there’s way less scribbling. A shout out of thanks
to all her fantastic art teachers and professors throughout the years. Peggy draws her favorite
things in her favorite colors which add up to a very happy, whimsical expression of her inner
being. Her preferred art tools are color pencils, watercolors and sharpies. Don’t be surprised if
you see her divert to house paint for a local mural.

Always learning, experimenting and evolving, Peggy larsen Engelhardt continues to develop her
own recognizable art style that is sure to capture your attention.

Working in 35 mm, medium format and digital, creating images using only natural light. Jerry enjoys capturing the dusty excitement of local rodeos, life of Basque sheepherders, nature’s unexpected beauty in the lines, patterns and shadows of this rugged land, and the flowers that offset the harshness. He tries to show the beauty of western life around us, helping all of us to see its truth before it is gone.

Jerry does his own custom matting and hand-craft many of his frames to create a unique, artistic presentation.

Building all the stuff he couldn't afford when he was in the cowboy line of work. Creates custom work.

James Shoshone pulls inspiration for his art though daily ranch work on the IL Ranch near Owyhee, Nevada. This is an area known for top hand Buckaroos who are steeped in history and tradition and James is amongst the best of the best.

James has worked on many different ranches in the area such as the ZX, YP, the Spanish Ranch, Whitehorse, Diamond A, ID, 25, the Cross Ranch, and the 3 Dot Ranch.

James Shoshone follows the vaquero traditions and it shows in his lifestyle, the gear he uses, and his art.

  • Cal’s Custom Design – Cody Langager

Local artist using horseshoes to create boot rack, yard art, wall art and more.

Erin Hutton discovered a passion for painting while preparing for her husband’s 3rd deployment with the Air Force. She creates acrylic and watercolor paintings from the heart and loves sharing her talent with others!