We offer a high quality custom cowboy boot.


The Gettin Place in Mountain Home, ID offers custom cowboy boots for your dress, work and recreational needs

Your choices include:

  • Leather choices
  • Heel style
  • Toe style
  • Stitching patterns
  • Soles
  • Top height
  • Collars
  • Pulls

Inlays of brands or other designs are also available.

The sky is the limit!

So many choices are available for your custom cowboy boots.  We offer a wide variety of choices for leather and color of leather.  Cow hide, ostrich, alligator, bull, and more.  Many different stitching patterns can be done in a variety of colors of thread to match your leather choices.  Add an inlay of your brand, flowers, crosses, cancer ribbons, and stars - the sky is the limit.  Your choice of leather soles or a vibram sole.  Heel styles for any desired comfort level.  Toe styles have been changing over the years, however, it is a personal choice of square, round, snip toe or pointed.  Get em' high tops, low tops, scalloped, double scalloped, you name it.  Your custom cowboy boots will be made to your needs/wants; working, dress, riding, dancing, for show and more.  Stop by the shop and look through our book of custom boots done for many happy folks.

Stop in to check it out!